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Sasha – Singularity


Sasha – Singularity

The legend of Sasha is back at it again after an eventful 2017. He is set to be back with a bang with his latest single ‘Singularity‘. It is a long awaited track on the lines of a banging Techno tune that is set to be released on 26th of January. Sasha along with John Digweed has given us some unforgettable nights of Techno/Tech House over the years and the future holds the same from the Dance music legend from Wales.

Singularity‘ is more like a Sasha classic of the 90’s where the skipping bassline drives the track. The snare and percussion compliment the fabulous tune just fine. The Welsh’s signature down-tempo kicks in midway and is equally impressive. The track just implodes after that as the end nears with those crisp sounding Tech elements cascaded so masterfully in it. This tune will be accompanied by a BAILE remix on the flip that surely has an interesting take on the original. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think of it.

Sasha – Singularity


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