Tech Reviewer MKBHD Tours Deadmau5’s New Studio


Technology guru MKBHD or Marques Brownlee, recently had the chance to explore Deadmau5‘s state-of-the-art melodic mecca for the second installment of his studio tour series, and stated the short film covering deadmau5’s studio would air sometime in 2018. Originally, the release was planned for 2017, but Linus Tech Tips beat him to it.

“This new series is dedicated to touring other creative people’s hubs and looking at the tech behind how they do what they do,” stated Brownlee.

The first episode featured Casey NeistatYouTube casanova and Co-Founder of the intermedia corporation Beme; at 3,505,033 views, Brownlee’s ten minute video turned heads.

In 2013, former Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra named MKBHD, “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.” Join Brownlee’s 5,601,642 subscribers, so you don’t miss a beat, and stay tuned sometime later this year for what should be an impressive review of deadmau5’s new studio.

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