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Tiësto & Sevenn ft. Gucci Mane – BOOM


 Tiësto & Sevenn ft. Gucci Mane – BOOM

Tiësto releases a new version of his track with Sevenn, ‘BOOM‘ featuring Gucci Mane. As if the original wasn’t enough to make listeners want to shake their derrières up and down, this new mix combines Tiësto’s undeniable club hit with Gucci Mane’s bold vocals.

Gucci Mane has been named one of the most successful rappers of his time, while Tiësto remains one of the most influential electronic dance music producers in the world.This cross-genre collaboration is a perfect example of the magic that can become of two completely different styles of music. Gucci Mane’s rapping is comfortably confident and seems to flow with the beat like he was meant to rap on house music tracks. Listen to the original ‘BOOM‘, as well as the hottest new version below and compare for yourself.

Tiësto & Sevenn ft. Gucci Mane – BOOM


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