Tomorrowland Releases 2018 Ticket Information


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The organizers for the monumentally successful Tomorrowland festival have released information regarding 2018 ticket sales. For any EDMTunes fans planning on attending, read on below for the (slightly complicated) information.

In a few months Tomorrowland: The Story of Planaxis will be held on two weekends from July 20-22 and July 27-29. In order get a ticket for either weekend, concert-goers must first register for ticket sales. Beginning today, January 9th to February 2nd via

Pre-Registration is not a guarantee that you will actually be able to buy a ticket, it only grants access to the ticket sales. Last year, the 400,000 tickets for the two weekends sold out in less than an hour.

The actual sale of the different ticket formulas will take place on January 27th and February 3rd. The hosts of the stages will be announced on January 17th and January 22nd, the line-up will gradually be revealed. To find out exactly what the mysterious theme of the ‘Story of Planaxis’ entails, visitors will have to wait until late July, during the two weekends of pure magic.

Mark these dates on your calendar:
• Registrations : January 9th, 17h00
• Global Journey : January 20th, 17h00 CET
• Worldwide Pre Sale : January 27th, 17h00 CET
• Worldwide ticket sale : February 3, 17h00 CET
• Tomorrowland : July, 20-22, 27-29

There are a number of ticket packages, including the ever-popular Global Journey tickets, which include a flight or train/bus to Brussels, accommodation packages and weekend passes. There will be a party for attendees who stay in DreamVille (The Gathering), and a separate but equally spectacular and unique event for people who stay in Brussels or arrive internationally.

You can check out the Tomorrowland 2017 Aftermovie here, or see the teaser for 2018 below: