Zedd Teases Fresh Cover Art For New Track


Music and the visual arts have always gone hand-in-hand as a result of the creativity expressed within both activities. Many musicians ensure that they tackle both forms of cultural interpretations by including them in their melodic tracks, as well as their single and album cover arts. Zedd is no stranger to this imaginative execution, as he recently released an absolutely stunning preview of his upcoming track cover art.

Following the same theme that has been represented by his past track cover arts, the new tune’s captivating cover showcases the same border as ‘Get Low‘ and ‘Stay‘. The use of bright colors, gorgeous landscapes and calming tones incorporates the magic that unfolds during the German-Russian producer’s infamous performances.

Fans have undeniably fallen for all forms of cover art that Zedd’s team has created and this time it is no exception. We look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding this new release – but seriously, how can you not love this breathtaking work of art?