16-Piece Orchestra Performs Daft Punk In London!


DPInsIt’s rare nowadays to hear anything about Daft Punk. So when news comes out about anything concerning the two famous robots, word spreads fast.

From the brand, Re:Imagine, A 16-piece orchestra group in London held a orchestral rendition of some of the greatest hits in Daft Punk History. The event took place at the XOYO club and seems to be an event that goes down quite a few times throughout the year.

Check out some of the footage posted on Reddit from a user lucky enough be able to attend!

Check out the tracklist of the songs in the video below:

Da Funk (0:00-0:16)

Technologic (0:16-0:25)

Around The World (0:25-0:34)

Digital Love (0:34-0:49)

One More Time (0:49-1:18)

Get Lucky (1:18-2:19)

The next Daft Punk orchestral event will be held on March 8th. If you’re in London then, check it out for a unique experience to take in. Tickets are on sale now!

Feel free to visit the event page here to get even more information and to purchase tickets.