Armin van Buuren Finds Out His Ancestry


armin van buuren

Armin Van Buuren. Trance icon. Dance Music Legend. World’s number 1 DJ multiple years. Do you want to find out more about where he comes from and where his skills originate? Recently, Armin decided to use‘s technology¬†and released 45 minute video discussing his family and ancestry. Learning about your ancestry is very interesting for anyone, and has really blown up the past few years with modern technology.

Armin is Dutch, very dutch to be exact. His family was actually in the cafe business which explains his love for coffee. Armin Van Buuren’s father is a doctor which also explains where he gets his smarts to be talented enough to maintain a high ranking on DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJs. Check out the video and if you’re a true fan, watch the whole thing!