Berghain Receives Offensive, Homophobic 1 Star Review


Berghain is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. The Berlin techno club is notorious for denying people entry. Your outfit, using your phone, or the bouncer’s bad mood are all legitimate reasons to be turned away according to the club’s modus operandi. Some people get in the first try, others never gain entry, sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.

But apparently even the most prestigious clubs are subject to trolls and haters. Reviewer “Kyle W” is not a big fan of the German techno club. The review begins almost exactly like an educated reader would expect. The American tourist is invited out to Berghain, told to dress simple, black clothes, even to wear a scarf because “the door guys loves scarfs and black clothes”. Kyle comments that as soon as he gets in the music is intense enough to “feel it in your chest”. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Berghain story.

But then the review takes a sharp turn. After the first two paragraphs of the incredibly long review the author begins throwing around nonsensical and homophobic stories. Between claims of only being able to “smell feces and sweat,” “naked guys everywhere. Sucking each other off. Fisting each other” and a “Nazi looking guy… with a syringe” this review broaches a new level of disturbing and hateful.

If you feel like getting angry at a homophobe or just enjoy mocking people, give the review a read. But be aware, it is graphic, unsubstantiated, and unrealistic. This is not a true review of Berghain, so don’t take it that way. Included below is one of the least offensive and explicit pieces of the review to give you reference.