Brody Jenner Taunts Thomas Jack Over a “Shoey” on Groove Cruise



Is there anything more annoying for a DJ then when someone is constantly making song requests during their set? The answer is: yes! Brody Jenner has unofficially become the spokesperson for “How To Annoy A Producer 101”.

During Thomas Jack‘s set on Groove Cruise, the television personality put his love for pestering to test by insisting that the Australian artist to do a “shoey”.

If you are unfamiliar with this party trick, it’s when you drink beer out of one’s shoe. The ritual is occasionally undertaken at parties and events in Australia – maybe that’s why the socialite thought that this act may have been appropriate to undertake with one of the country’s most well-known musicians…

Although the behavior may have derived from an innocent idea, the execution was not well-received. The ‘Rivers‘ DJ was put on the spot during his set by the persistent star, declined the pushy request immediately, while Jenner continued to insist that he take “just a sip”.

When that didn’t work in his favor, he continued to talk smack about the artist’s profession.

The American actor is also, technically I guess, a DJ. You would think that he would understand, more than anyone, everything that producer had to handle while they’re onstage.

We hope that Jenner has learned that interrupting an artist during his set is not the way to go. We also hope that he lays off the “shoey’s” because he seems to enjoy doing them a little too much, especially on airplanes.