Diplo – Look Back (feat. DRAM)



The living legend is back with another release, and it might not be what some of his fans expect. Years ago, Diplo made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene, and his new track ‘Look Back’ is a true return to this form. Featuring the ethereal vocals of DRAM, this track is sure to be a crowd favorite.

The old school percussions give the track a laid-back swing from which the rest of the elements work their way on top. DRAM’s vocals are slightly distorted, which gives them a unique dirt that fits the mood and atmospheres of the instrumental. Competing for your attention is the background choirs and supporting vocals, which all mix and mingle to create a cacophonous mix that drives the message of the track home.

We hope you like this track as much as we did. Listen below.

Diplo – Look Back (feat. DRAM)