Dirtybird Campout Gates Reopen, Music for Weekend Uncertain


dirtybird campoutBuzz on social media regarding the Dirtybird Campout fiasco continues to build. The organizers updated the initial Facebook post and tweeted “Game On”, and that the gates have re-opened. Unfortunately for attendees complaining that the music is not back on yet, it does not look like anything will resume tonight

It is still unclear if music will resume tomorrow, and if anyone demanding refunds will be compensated accordingly. A leaked letter from a source close to the festival (posted below) paints a different picture, but perhaps the organizers worked out a resolution after receiving it.

“This is to inform you that effective immediately approval has been rescinded for the referenced Special Event based on discrepancies with the information provided in the permit application and violations of County Codes and Ordinances”

Hopefully for concertgoers the music will resume tomorrow. It’s hard to imagine any concerts happening with a noise limit at 45 Decibels during the day and 40 Decibels from sunset to 6:59 a.m.

dirtybird campout