Fans Create Monopoly Game Entirely Based On Wooks- Sells Out On Etsy


Dubstep has seen an immense rise in popularity the past 2 years similar to 2010 when Skrillex exploded on to the scene. Over this period of time, new fans have entered and old ones have evolved. What was first thought to be a joke to label-grungy bassheads whom predominately listen to Bassnectar has now become a full blown sub culture. We call these folks “Wooks”. They are easily recognizable based on their appearance, obsession with Riddim, and their drug of choice- Ketamine.

It seems these fans went as far as to create a new version of Monopoly that focuses entirely on Wooks and hilariously called it Wookery. The board game features squares that include artists like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, STS9 and Lotus. Instead of a corner of the board devoted to a jail, Wookery features a K-Hole square. Overall, this is some of the most dedicated Wookery we have ever seen.

The board game is available on Etsy but has unfortunately sold out. Check out the official Etsy store for Wookery to see if it gets restocked. In the meantime, you can check out some pictures of the game below.