Guy Hangs Off Balcony at Detroit Above & Beyond Show


Many music festivals and shows have seen their fair share of startling moments. Sometimes the music and atmosphere can make people make some not-so-wise decisions and place themselves in life threatening situations. Recently, this happened when one attendee got a little too comfortable with playing with the scaffolding at Above & Beyond‘s show at the Fillmore in Detroit.

On Sunday, a shirtless man decided to hang off of the lighting scaffolding that was attached onto the venue’s balcony. Other attendees at the show claimed he was doing 5 to 10 pull ups on the bar before his friends quickly pulled him up to safety. As filmed in the video below, the crowd right beneath him seemed to have a mixture of awe and worry as they pointed flashlights at him. This all happened during Above & Beyond’s song ‘Naked’, but several other Redditors joked that his action would be more fitting at an Excision concert. While the action comes across as a combination of hilarity, stupidity and fright, we can be all glad that he was rescued and didn’t fall.

Take a look at a snippet of the event unfold below.

Sooo this happened this evening during “Naked” at the Fillmore in Detroit ? from r/AboveandBeyond