Relive Imagine Music Festival With the Official 2017 Aftermovie


Imagine Music Festival, one of Atlanta’s premiere dance music festivals along with Shaky Beats, has just released their official 2017 aftermovie, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

The aquatic theme of Imagine shines through in the aftermovie with the opening scene of a mermaid walking the beach. The movie then goes on to show the sprawling campsite, with a myriad of voice-overs from festival goers asking them to imagine their perfect festival day.

The spotlight isn’t just on the attendees, though, as Leah Culver, a musician from Atlanta, is also prominently featured in the aftermovie. She explains what playing in her home city at a festival like Imagine means to her while the aftermovie shows clips of her set, featuring a live band.

With the lineup getting better and better every year, we can’t wait to see what Imagine has in store for us this year! Keep up-to-date with Imagine here.

Watch the full aftermovie below: