Madison Square Garden Plans An Incredible Sphere Concert Venue in Vegas


madison square garden

On Thursday at Radio City Music Hall, James Dolan unveiled a futuristic plan for a new arena. Dolan is the head honcho for Madison Square Garden, arguably the world’s best arena, right in the heart of New York City. The new arena will be the ‘MSG Sphere‘, an 18,500 seat venue to be built in Las Vegas. The arena is due to be completed by 2020, only two years away.  Dolan said, “No longer is the venue a place to spectate. It’s a place to go and participate”. The concept is that of the performers and audience being more connected through the next generation of transformative, immersive experiences.

According to Variety, “The venues’ features are expected to include a spherical shape, which will become the main attraction of MSG Sphere venues; ridiculous VIP-type amenities options a height of more than 360 feet and equator width of more than 500 feet. Technologies will include a fully programmable exterior, creating a digital showcase for brands, artists, events, and partners; an interior bowl that features the largest and highest current resolution media display; a custom spherical camera system; a dynamically adaptive acoustics system that will deliver crystal-clear audio to every guest; and a new architecture for wireless connectivity.”

This is flat out awesome. In an age of constantly changing technology, Madison Square Garden honcho James Dolan has put his money into music. You know that dance music and technology go hand in hand, with a large amount of producers bringing an excellent live show. Las Vegas is a forefront for big names, and you can expect the sphere to be a new type of live entertainment that will once again bring dance music to a whole new level in live show experience.