Man With Drone Gets Called Out By Deadmau5


Image result for joel zimmerman in torontoJust when you couldn’t get enough of Deadmau5 and his antics, he strikes again in this short story from Youtuber My Little Hobby, also known as Cdnstudman Mike. In this video, Mike details how he unexpectedly ran into the mau5 one day. Last spring in Canada, he decided to film footage of him doing a massive burnout in his truck.

He takes off in the middle of a road and lets the drone fly. With blocked signal from the trees, his camera malfunctions. Being the first time this problem occurred, Mike starts to inspect but catches from the corner of his eye, catches the mau5 approaching his truck. “What’s the deal with the effin’ drone man? You’re not supposed to film here, I own everything here,” mau5 sasses. Mike acknowledges his claim but doesn’t see the harm. Off he goes, but his license plate number gets taken down.

The next day, our drone guy gets a visit from two detectives. Surely we knew this was coming. After explaining the situation to the authorities, Mike stated it wasn’t smart for someone to show off drone footage of their home. Isn’t it then considered the same legal air space to roam? For someone that doesn’t want footage of his house, it’s not smart to show people where he lives.

Maybe he was just having a bad day. However, this is not the first time that a police report was filed and it was not public record. People that have known him say that he has such antagonistic demeanors. With great music producing, comes great pride we suppose. Let’s all take a stand on drone users. This interesting and true story was meant to provide closure for Mike on this stranger encounter. Hopefully one day Joel and Mike can make a coffee run in the McLaren and sort things out.