Mija – Notice Me


notice meMija – Notice Me

Mija, the Fk a Genre genius just dropped her second single ‘Notice Me‘ from the highly anticipated EP How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers. Fans have been awaiting another single since December when she released Bad For U featuring Kelli Schaefer.

Then, a few days ago, Mija had more exciting news in store for them when the Arizona native released the track list of her EP in a series of tweets- ‘Notice Me’ is number one. On this single however, it’s Mija laying down the vocals, lyrics and production.

If you’ve been following this EP since she announced it, then the style of this song shouldn’t come as a shock. Mija has been pretty outspoken about this being a very personal EP, and as the Fk a Genre mastermind, she owns the contrasting sounds like no one else.

Stream the song below to get ready for February 9th, when the rest of How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers gets released.