MitiS Announces ‘Til The End Tour and Album Release



MitiS Announces ‘Til The End Tour and Album Release.

Hailing from Media, PA, Mitis has been entertaining us dance music fans since 2010. MitiS describes himself as a producer who “makes electronic music, plays piano, spins disks and pushes buttons.” He has announced his ‘Til The End’ Tour, along with his debut full-length album to be released on March 23rd. His lead single ‘By My Side’ was featured on Billboard Dance in the beginning of the month, and 2018 is looking pretty nice for MitiS.

The tour will go all over the United States, from California to New York. If you’re in San Diego March 10th, I highly recommend checking out BASSMNT, as it’s one of the best venues in SoCal. For select dates, PRXZM and Party Nails will be joining the tour, which will lead to some serious Bass.

As far as the album goes, it will be released when he will be in Arizona and New Mexico. A crazy fact about the album is that it was almost never released, due to a failed hard drive that made the music disappear( ah technology). Mitis said¬†“I really feel that losing the album is a blessing. I just started writing, really going into how I get about music, and where I imagined myself musically. When you have drive and a passion for what you do, nothing else matters.”¬†

Make sure you listen and support, and buy your tickets here.