The Netherlands Is Rapidly Becoming a Narco-State


Dutch officials have warned that the Netherlands is starting to resemble a narco-state (think Mexico or Escobar’s Colombia). This affects political and economical resources within a state that are both penetrated by the power and wealth created by illegal drug trading. Law enforcement officials have expressed concern as they are facing an extreme shortage in resources and insufficient training. Currently, only about 20 percent of criminal cases receive attention at all as detectives are pulled to focus on cases regarding brutal robberies or murders. This leaves cases targeted towards elderly or vulnerable victims unpunished.


At least $7 billion worth of cocaine passes through the port of Rotterdam each year according to Europol. Other drugs such as ecstasy and cannabis, most of which are sold in Europe and the United States actually derives from labs in the Netherlands. With the increase in organized crime Dutch officials say they would need at least 2,000 extra officers in order to attempt regain control of the state.