Pirate Music Festival Forced to Go Dry After It Fails to Get Liquor License


Music festivals are always about more than just the music. Some attendees may value the companionship and bonding time shared amongst their friends. But of course, many others are there to consume as much alcohol as they can before passing out. Although not an “essential”, alcohol is definitely a big part of festival culture. This is evident as usually, other than the ladies’ bathroom line, the line to the bar is the longest line at festivals. Well unfortunately for some festival goers this past weekend, a festival failed to acquire their liquor license in time and is left with no choice but to go alcohol-free.

One of Auckland, New Zealand‘s biggest music festivals, ‘Shipwrecked‘, has left attendees very disappointed as they failed to acquire their liquor license for this weekend’s festival. Tickets for the event costed attendees approximately $250 and you can definitely expect many to demand some sort of compensation from the festival for leaving them ‘dry’. Although some festival attendees will find themselves in unfamiliar territory as they will be forced to groove to the music sober, they are not the biggest losers this weekend. In a situation like this, ‘Shipwrecked’ themselves are undoubtedly the biggest losers of this weekend’s festival as the sale of liquor reflects a big chunk of their weekend’s revenue.