Skrillex And Chance The Rapper’s Managers Join Forces And Release New Wine Company


no fine print

Pat Corcoran and Tim Smith, managers for Skrillex and Chance The Rapper have united to create an affordable, yet sophisticated wine company. The brand titled No Fine Print strives to provide a cultivated wine flavor for wine connoisseurs, as well as those who love drinking wine, yet aren’t as experienced.

Corcoran and Smith were joined by Ryan Arnold, wine director for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant in order to launch No Fine Print. Arnold utilized his resources in the wine industry and locked in a supplier for their brand, while Corcoran and Smith brought their experience in the music industry into the mix. The two managers of incredibly accomplished artists focused on the element of fun, and factored in their creative wit resulting in a brand that would appeal to wine lovers everywhere.

Cooperatively, their brand No Fine Print will offer a more high end taste for a small price increase. A bottle of Syrah-Pinot Noir blend from the Northern California Coast by Fine Print costing about $34.99 while a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon No Fine Print costing around $19.99. Check out a full listing of wines available by No Fine Print here.