Sleepless Fish May Be The Answer To Humans Staying Up All Night


 Ever been to an event where your favorite DJ is playing a marathon set until the sunrise but you just don’t have the energy to dance until dawn? I know I have, but this problem may soon have a solution.

A team of neuroscientists at Florida Atlantic University are currently studying a type of fish known as the Mexican Tetra that requires only two hours of sleep per every 24-hours. The fish possess a protein called hypocretin (HCRT) that allow them to sleep very little without any major consequences. Scientists are now experimenting the possibility to turn this protein into a drug for humans to grant us the similar results. Neurologist, Alex Keene, stated the following regarding the experiment:

“There are all sorts of drugs to help induce sleep, or keep people awake. The interesting thing about cavefish is they appear to be healthy despite dramatic sleep loss. If we understand why, it might be possible to develop novel stimulants without the negative consequences that typically accrue with sleep loss.”

Can you imagine what would happen if this sleepless drug actually hits shelves? This would definitely come in handy for festivals and sunrise sets.