Spotify Looks To Level Up With Possibly Creating Their Own Hardware

Courtesy of The Independent

Spotify, the most popular paid music streaming service in the world, is on the road to creating its own hardware. Industry publication Music Ally¬†spotted three job postings on Spotify’s website and broke the news yesterday. Based in Stockholm, Sweden the postings include Operations Manager, Project Manager Hardware Production & Engineering, and Senior Project Manager Hardware Production. Each of the job postings has something to do with manufacturing, supply chain, and sales & marketing.

This mystery product could either be a huge success or enormous flop depending on how they set themselves apart from competitors. Right now, Spotify Connect allows users to use the Spotify app “as a remote to play on speakers, TVs, cars, game consoles, smart watches and more.” Meaning that devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other smart speakers are already established and positioned to completely overshadow this possible new Spotify speaker (what most are guessing it will be).

Although the hype is real, we don’t think we’ll be seeing any physical product from Spotify for a while, as these job postings are pretty new.¬†What do you think Spotify’s first physical product will be? Earphones, a smart speaker, or something we’ve never seen before?