STéLOUSE – Nobody Told Me (feat. David Davis)


STéLOUSE Nobody Told Me

STéLOUSE – Nobody Told Me (feat. David Davis)

2018 is set to be a big year of changes for the multi-talented producer STéLOUSE. He first gained notoriety back in 2014 thanks to his forward thinking melodic bass tracks and instrumentals. At his core though, Ross Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist looking to develop more honest and unique music. His new single “Nobody Told Me” honors the artist’s current evolution into a rich alternative/pop-rock sound. StéLouse tapped the powerful vocals of David Davis for the big, vocally-driven track, which features a familiar tale of losing your way and then persevering against the odds.

“Nobody Told Me was written with one of my best friends in a cold, cramped studio in Burbank, California early last year. My writing session that day canceled on me and I was feeling really down about it, so I called my friend Lee Miles to come by and hang out. He was going through a breakup with his girlfriend at the time, and we were just talking and messing around on the piano. And then this song just started to pour out with little effort, like the universe was channeling it through us. Within an hour we had a full demo of the song recorded.” 

This marriage of his electronic heritage with his live rock roots provides a new platform for his genre-shattering signature sounds to be enjoyed. First premiered at last year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival, StéLouse’s new live tour is captivating major cities on both coasts through the end of February. Be sure to catch a show if you can!

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