The Chainsmokers- You Owe Me



The Chainsmokers- You Owe Me

If there’s one thing you can credit The Chainsmokers with, it’s being the topic of conversation. Whether it’s good things or bad things, they always seem to make noise to remain relevant. Their new song, ‘You Owe Me’, along with the music video, will surely continue that trend of relevancy.

The track itself is that classic Chainsmoker type of song. It’s got a catchy beat while Drew Taggart sings the vocals. I’m sure the vocals have some inside meaning to the duo that we’ll find out about soon enough. It’s hard to consider this track “EDM” but nonetheless these two probably just made another mainstream hit.

As for the music video… Well let’s just say it goes from “why are these two cleaning their house and ironing their clothes?” to “holy sh*t what did I just watch?!” I won’t ruin the surprise for you. You can check out the music video below for yourself.