14-Year-Old Girl Hosts A 200 Person “Rave” Party In A Rented House


According to a local news site in Vancouver, a local 14-year-old girl had gotten a hold of her parents credit card and rented out a home on Airbnb worth about 3.5 million in order to host a massive “rave“. She spread news of the party on her social media and about 200 people showed up to partake in the festivities. A neighbor had said that the house had quickly been uncovered as a party house with police also stating that the kids were streaming in nonstop. Patrol had been on the scene to try their best to maintain any medical circumstances from occurring during the party. Unfortunately, there was a lot of property damage said to have been done to the house. Destroyed artwork, furniture, and damage to the house walls were just some of the things listed in the damaged that totaled just about $20,000.

It took about 45 minutes to get everything in order and shut it down, and after they did neighbors reported, “the streets stank of Jägermeister from all the pour-out. The homeowner and the girl’s parents had arrived at the scene to try and figure this all out but no charges were filed. A Vancouver police spokesman only had this to say regarding the situation:

They were planning to resolve the issue of the damage in a civil proceeding between themselves and as such, the homeowner isn’t requesting any criminal action against the 14-year-old or her family. Certainly there is discussion to be had around what access your child or your youth has to banking information and how you might control how they use it.

The homeowner has since removed the house from all renting/hosting sites.