Adam Beyer x Cirez D Miami Show

Adam Beyer x Cirez D
Via Adam Beyer Instagram

If you haven’t already heard, Adam Beyer and Cirez D (one of Eric Prydz’s monikers) delivered hands down, the greatest show of Miami Music Week 2018. Announced back in December, the special show sold out quickly, and if you missed the set, we’re truly sorry. If you were lucky enough to go, and have been re-living the deep intense drops, insane lights, and laser production since it ended – we’re right there with you.

Regardless of which category you fall into, stop what you’re doing now and listen to the set in its entirety via YouTube. If you’re at work, don’t even worry about putting in headphones- your entire office will appreciate this. Plus, while you listen- you can read a full review of the show here.

Adam Beyer x Cirez D | Watch