Alesso Throws A Tech Set With Prydz Mashups And More



On March 2nd, Swedish electronic dance music producer Alesso made his long-awaited return to New York. Located in Brooklyn, Avant Gardner is a large scale event located in East Williamsburg. The Grammy-nominated artist surprised his audience with a dark techno set mashed up with some of his music and elements of Eric Prydz.

The entire Avant Gardner complex is the ultimate small-to-large scale club experience. Stacked with KV2 Audio, extensive lighting, and projection mapped visuals, it is the ultimate immersive experience. Production is always strong with Alesso so it’s no wonder that this show was sold out. On Instagram, courtesy of flip_dragon, he stands proudly on stage with lights beaming down surrounding him. Let that techno consume you.

More footage of his set can be seen below from Jossybel Jimenez. Our Swede mixes some of your hottest tracks like ‘Cola‘ by Camelphat and turns the crowd upside down.

Normally, the progressive house artist takes the crowd by storm with his renowned methods of melodic vibes. His rave oriented production and style were not seen at this venue. This time, it’s all underground with the bass drum to carry you through each beat. Your head and body move as one to his music intertwined with the drum rhythms.

Did the Swedish House Mafia protege deliver? We know that like most producers of his kind, sometimes the dedication of being an EDM superstar gets the best of their talent. In order to craft something of greater value, he would need something different than melodic vocals. He hit high artistic marks last weekend as he did not focus on playing pop music concessions. Acidic synths and propulsive rhythms drove his set home in Brooklyn. But to wring it in, Alesso mashed his infamous track ‘Lose My Mind‘ with Rufus du Sol‘s ‘Innerbloom‘ and the wave of nostalgia came through.