Amateur DJ Couple Wants You To Crowdfund Them To Tour The World


Have you ever heard of LYTT? Neither have we. But it looks like they are going places, and they want you to help them in this endeavor!

Originally from Alaska and California, LYTT is an amateur DJ couple. They love music and they love each other. They are also done with performing at small local clubs. Their goal now is to bring their music to every corner of the world. “But how?”, you ask yourself. By having you crowdfund them!

Indeed, these lovebirds are dreamers, and they believe anything and everything is possible. On their Kickstarter website, they introduce themselves as a duo with multiple connections across the globe, but a small fan base that needs to grow bigger before they can start “pulling in big money.” Sounds like after we crowdfund them, promoters will instantly want to book them big time gigs, right? Right.

LYTT (from their names AmberLY and MaTT) have set a $108,500 goal to reach by April 1st in order to start their world tour, including cities like Ibiza, Amsterdam, Berlin (at a certain nightclub called “Bargain“), Zurich, Rome, Florence, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami, São Paulo and Buenos Aires, and they want to reach your heart by saying:

“They want to tour to DJ and share their music with the rest of the world while inspiring and encouraging others to follow their dreams too. They believe you should do what you love and share it with the ones you love which is what they aim to do.”

Though we still don’t get why they speak about themselves in third person, the message is pretty clear. Besides, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform aimed at “bringing creative projects to life”, and that’s what LYTT is aiming for.

To read up and contribute on LYTT’s noble cause, click here.

[H/T: MixMag]