Anna Lunoe Shines In Her Colorful ‘Blaze Of Glory’ Music Video


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HYPERHOUSE’s Anna Lunoe is known for her hard-hitting house music and wildly electric stage presence. Her powerful energy reflects in everything she does and impresses every time. As of late, she has taken a quick side step from her normal sound and has been dabbling in an experimental pop crossover. She caught her fans off guard, releasing a new bubbly single called ‘Blaze of Glory‘ and an official music video which dropped today. The track is everything you want in a pop song, but it’s even better because Lunoe is at the forefront.

Aside from working hard on creating the song, she had an overnight vision that she wanted to make a reality.

The music video is fun and playful with a strong feminine power embedded in subtle dance moves and endless ponytail flips. For her first time on the pop block, Anna Lunoe absolutely kills in this simple yet high production video that has qualities resembling a seasoned pop music veteran. The video is an exciting preview of what is to come of this absolute talent. Watch the official music video for ‘Blaze of Glory’ below.