Architectural Digest Tours Zedd’s $16 Million Dollar Beverly Hills Estate


Architectural Digest‘s show Open Door¬†is a series that gives you a tour and inside look at celebrity Hollywood homes. Celebrities anywhere from Terry Crews, to Robert Downey Jr. have appeared on the show, but on the latest episode, we go inside the Beverly Hills estate home of a superstar DJ, Zedd.

In less than 10 minutes, Zedd gives us a tour of his beautiful 9,400 square foot home located high on Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills. Zedd’s self-decorated home consists of his own shoe, server and many more bedrooms which he states are all currently in use. He speaks about his art collection which includes his awards and the olive tree growing inside his house in an atrium. He also showcases the Skittles machine, that’s right, his very own skittles machine.

All in all the video is a definite must see as the home is absolutely amazing and Zedd goes into great detail speaking on every part of it. Feel free to give the video a watch down below and be sure to tune into the series Architectural Digest for new episodes and updates with more Hollywood stars.