Armin Van Buuren To Play At First Ever DJ-Party In Saudi Arabia


Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren is known for making history. He played alongside an orchestra for the royalty and the people of the Netherlands for the coronation of the New King and Queen. And soon, he’ll be making history one more time as he will be the first DJ to headline at a DJ Party in Saudi Arabia.

The initiative comes fromĀ Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose vision for 2030 is to diversify the capabilities or their economy, thus encouraging new businesses and global opportunities. As stated on their official website:

we will not rest until our nation is a leader in providing opportunities for all through education and training, and high quality services such as employment initiatives, health, housing, and entertainment.

With a clear mindset of promoting new entertainment activities in Saudi Arabia, a DJ Party is already a big step. However, there is still a long way to go, especially in regards to laws and regulations. Not too long ago, EDMTunes covered the story of how dabbing in Saudi Arabia can get you arrested. We hope these measures are loosened up for Armin Van Buuren’s Party.

This upcoming gig with Armin Van Buuren will take place on June 17th, 2018, at King Abdullah’s Economic City. Women, beware: it’s reported to be men only.

Armin Van Buuren