ARTY- Rain



ARTY – Rain

Russian famed DJ and producer ARTY is back and has just released a new single entitled ‘Rain’. The track sees its release on Armada Music. He transcends his love for electronic music in this single and inspires the digital transformation of the dance music scene.

This is a progressive house piece with a happy tune. The elements of ARTY really shine through. Known for his dual production personas, Alpha9 and ARTY, he has released an immense volume of music between the two.

‘Rain’ is an electronic bouncy track that opens with ethereal vocals. It cascades into an upbeat drop. The track sets the tone for building energy in a crowd. The reasoning behind this track is simple: rain is ARTY’s favorite weather. In order to capture its feeling in a song, he incorporated the melancholic, uplifting and inspiring vibes that rain brings him. After the incredible reaction to the release of ‘Sunrise‘, he wanted to create a similar but more club oriented feel to progressive house.

“A really simple thought each morning about how grateful [he is] for [his] life,” is what motivates ARTY to produce the music he loves. Other people’s music inspires his music. From underground techno and progressive to indie-dance, to people he’s met and shows he’s played, this world is full of motivation for him.

This is going to be a big year for ARTY. With six tracks and remixes already out, it’s just the beginning. ARTY will soon release a collaboration with Spencer Brown on Anjunabeats. Read the full interview on ARTY’s music plans for the year here. Stream the track below.

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