Ultra’s Production Designer Talks Big Changes for Megastructure


Ultra Music Festival has a tried and true formula that tends to get repeated each year. The stages are pretty much fixed in their design and location, with the mainstage being the one that changes the most each year. Richard Millstein is the brains behind the production operation at Ultra and he designs the incredible mainstage each year.

He recently dished on the production plans for the big 20th Anniversary this year and dropped some very interesting tidbits. The Miami New Times reports that Millstein described this year’s mainstage as the “most amazing stage imagineable”, but that’s not all.

Big changes are in store for other stages, as Millstein is personally designing the Megastructure for the first time.

“As for Megastructure, it will be very different from what we did in the past. All of the video that we have on the ceiling and how it goes up and down on motors… we will never let that go. As far as the rest of the interior design, we’ve taken a completely different approach.”

The Worldwide Arch stage will feature an art deco theme this year.

“When people enter the park, that is what they will see. When I do my designs, I put a lot of research into it. And with this, we have truly captured art deco. We’re always looking to build on that experience in Miami and throughout the world.”

Ultra is also shipping over its Biscayne Stage which it debuted during Burning Man in 2017. All in all there’s a lot of NEW this year at Ultra.