BIJOU – Pringles feat. Davonyea Marcel



The G-House Guru known as BIJOU is back with another winner. His impactful string of releases that have garnered him so much of the spotlight continues with ‘Pringles’ featuring the vocals of Davonyea Marcel.

The swagger of this track comes down to the vocals. They sit low in the mix and give the tune a driving momentum throughout some of the slower sections. Once the energy ramps up to peak levels, BIJOU’s production chops really have a chance to come to the forefront. Gnarly bass shots and slamming percussions work their magic, and can really get you moving.

The best part of this release is that it is released for free. You can snag the copy from this link here. But in the meantime stream the track below, and let us know what you think!

BIJOU – Pringles feat. Davonyea MarcelL: