Bingo Players and Goshfather- ‘Everybody’ Preview


Album cover

Bingo Players and Goshfather collaborated on a new track ‘Everybody‘ that is set to release on March 9th, 2018. Spinnin’ Records previewed their next hit with an alluring music video on February 24th. Their caption “The new Bingo Players and Goshfather is coming to Hysteria soon!” raises questions to fellow fans asking if “Hysteria is back to Spinnin’ Records”. What are your thoughts on the partnership between Hysteria and Spinnin’ Records?

Even with a discrete caption, we have a feeling that Hysteria and Spinnin’ Records are back in business together! We cannot be more excited to see what else they will release! Check out the preview below to take a first look at ‘Everybody’ by Bingo Players and Goshfather.