Boombox Cartel – Whisper ft. Nevve



Boombox Cartel – Whisper ft. Nevve

Mexico-born artists Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina have built a name for themselves as Boombox Cartel. They are a bass heavy “must watch” duo, highly talented and up-and-coming. With backgrounds in electro house, americano dubstep, and trap, the pair has unleashed a new track opposite of their usual style. As their music typically follows the Mad Decent label style of turnt, this song was the complete opposite. ‘Whisper‘ shows just how incredibly diverse their musical background is.

“It is really different to what we usually put out, but it just felt right,” the duo mentioned on Twitter. Cruise down the street, in the rain, or wherever you are to ‘Whisper‘, the guitar strumming in the beginning sets the mood. Nevve’s voice lights warmth in your soul. Small elements of their dubstep pull the chorus together. But the whole song is strung together with the continued guitar solo. This track shows some influence from Kaskade, unlike their previous Skrillex inspired tunes. Drum machines and synthesizers are not as apparent in this song. There is only mind, body and soul.

Emotional fans are taking to Twitter to let the duo know. “The only escape is your voice in the rain…and that’s when you whisper” sends chills down your spine. Whether you feel happy, sad or mad, this track will take you along for the ride. Boombox Cartel combines their love and passion for music to produce innovative and quality sound. What started out as a simple SoundCloud account with two friends from high school is now the eclectic and unique song stylings of BC. Listen to the track below.

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