Borgore & Benda – B.Y.D.


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Borgore & Benda – B.Y.D.

Prolific dubstep producer and founder of the Buygore label Borgore just released an explosive new tune ‘B.Y.D.‘ with up-and-coming fellow Israeli producer Benda.

The track is high-energy with a deep bassline accompanied with high-pitched wubs. A melodic breakdown in the middle of the song breaks up the sonic chaos, but not for too long as the track goes out on a high note. It’s a headbanger’s dream.

Benda is one of Borgore’s newest protégés who is quickly rising up in the bass music scene. Under Borgore’s tutelage, I’m sure we will be seeing plenty more of Benda in the upcoming year. With such massive support behind the young producer already, he will be a household name in no time.

Borgore is, of course, as busy as ever not only pumping out hits, but also playing numerous upcoming festivals, as well as curating his successful string of shows called The Buygore Tour. The Buygore Tour features not only big names in the bass music scene, but also serves as a showcase young talent like Benda. Clearly Borgore wants to give a platform for up-and-comers to shine.

If that’s not enough and you’re still craving more of his sound, you can also catch his weekly Sirius XM radio show called “The Borgore Show.”

Stream the track below and follow the link to download!

Borgore & Benda – B.Y.D. | Buy/Stream