Calvin Harris Sneakily Reveals Next Upcoming Release


Last we heard about Calvin Harris he was hinting at making a possible return to house music but after a discovery made today by a Twitter user it seems he still has some tracks up his sleeve.

Nowadays DJ’s love to be creative with how they either hint or reveal either upcoming releases or albums. A perfect example of this happened when Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self was revealed via mysterious tracks, messages and a cryptic site.

A twitter user dedicated to all things Calvin Harris named @CalvinHDaily noticed something interesting about Calvin’s twitter cover photo and the barcode it consisted of. Curious, they attempted to use a scanner to read the code and discovered it revealed the message, “Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa, One Kiss.

While the code is now not readable anymore, it does lead many to believe that Calvin’s next release is speculated to be a massive collaboration with one of the hottest rising pop stars right now, Dua Lipa titled, “One Kiss“.

Currently, there isn’t much more info about the track other than we can possibly hope to see if sometime in the future if the info found is confirmed and legitimate. Once we hear anymore news we’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.