Don Diablo Speaks Out On Scalpers Reselling Tickets To His Shows


Chances are that most of us have experienced being on the wrong end of the ticket scalping scenario. Your favorite artist comes to town and although you are dying to see them, tickets sell out in seconds and now you are left with two options. Either you pay a ridiculous price to greedy ticket scalpers or you miss out on the show.

Don Diablo ended his North American Future tour not long ago where most of the shows sold out. Last week Don kicked off his Better Future tour that spans over 11 stops across Europe. What makes the tour even better is that all profits from the Better Future tour go directly to charity for battling cancer.

Don recently came across a website where he noticed scalpers were reselling tickets to his shows for insane prices. Don immediately went to his Twitter to alert his fans to not support the website’s ticket sales. To see your good intentions translate into a profiting opportunity from immoral people can be devastating. Even more so, the Better Future tour hits home for Don as he has mentioned on a few occasions that he has lost multiple loved ones to cancer.

Scalping tickets is something that is hard to prevent. With limited tickets available, scalpers always find a way to resell tickets to shows by popular artists. A few years ago, Alesso performed two charity events at Webster Hall in New York. Tickets retailed for $20 but sold out within seconds. In minutes, tickets began hitting secondary markets with price tags as high as $150.

However, opposed to usual club nights, Webster Hall announced that they would be matching the names on the tickets with the purchaser’s ID as well as the card that was used to purchase the ticket. Unfortunately for the fans who purchased second-hand tickets, Webster Hall stayed true to their word and turned down all ticket holders that couldn’t fulfill the criteria. This is just one way venues fought against ticket scalping. In the end, ticket scalping lies in the venue’s hands. If they put a bit more effort just as Webster Hall did a few years ago, they could eliminate ticket scalping, especially for charity events.

Check out Don’s tweets on the issue below.