Ekali Gives Us a Preview of Skrillex’s ‘The Island’ Remix in Recent Show


Of the 13 now confirmed remixes, there was one remix that stood out amongst them all, Skrillex’s remix of Pendulum’s ‘The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn)’.  Better yet, this is probably one of the most anticipated remixes of recent times.

When the rumors of a Skrillex remix to ‘The Island’ was coming, fans debated whether such an epic collaboration could actually become reality. Now that Pendulum has confirmed the collaboration, fans could not be more excited. While the official release of the remix album won’t be until June 29th, Ekali gave us a sneak peek to Skrillex’s remix during his Los Angeles show. It is no surprise that Ekali would be playing the unreleased track as he is an OWSLA artist on the rise.

The remix itself is a bit on the softer side compared to Skrillex’s other remixes such as his iconic Cinema remix. You can still feel the presence of the original track produced by Pendulum and while some may be disappointed, I personally feel that it lived up to expectations as it didn’t eliminate the masterful elements of the original. You can check out a clip of the remix below.