Ephwurd Dropped from Festival As It Drops Datsik


Chicago’s Spring Awakening Festival is fast approaching. Those who are anxiously keeping tabs on the lineup noticed something peculiar over the past couple days. Ephwurd, the duo comprised of Datsik and Bais Haus, is no longer listed during the weekend’s festivities.

Amid a whirling torrent of sexual assault allegations, it would seem as if booking agencies, along with anyone close to Datsik, are doing all they can to separate themselves from the artist. Discussion on Reddit are speculating the cause for such a quick dropping of the bookings.

Some have expected the second half of the duo, Bais Haus,would still be permitted to be apart of the festival. But close readings of the allegations hint that Bais Haus could possibly be implicated alongside Datsik in many of the allegations.

Now it appears that Bais Haus will continue the Ephwurd project without Datsik. See his statement below.