Eric Prydz – Soho 2018 Miami ID


Eric Prydz – Soho 2018 Miami ID

Ultra Music Festival‘s 20th edition happened this past weekend. As some of the biggest DJs put on some of their best performances, tons of IDs were played that has fans anxiously awaiting their release.

Eric Prydz had a headlining spot at the Megastructure on Sunday’s A State of Trance event. His set was full of ID’s but the one that stood out the most was the ninth track played in his set. The track dubbed ‘Soho 2018 Miami ID‘ embodies Prydz’s current dark sound and juxtaposes ethereal sounds with a dark brooding bassline. The track develops a tech-house sound coupled with pounding drum beats causing the crowd to be pulled into an trance like state. Prydz adds his signature 80’s synths in as the ID progresses leaving his mark not only on this track but at Ultra 2018 as well.

While Prydz’s set included mostly IDs (9 to be exact), the thirteen track set shows promise that the legendary DJ has a lot in store for the rest of 2018. Listen to the ‘Soho 2018 Miami ID’ above and take a look at the full set track list below.

Eric Prydz Ultra 2018 Full Set Track list:

1. Cirez D – Marquee LV 2017 ID
2. Pryda – Escape 2017 Intro ID
3. Cirez D – Echostage N(Y)E ID
4. Pryda/Cirez D – Hï Ibiza Theater ID
5. Pryda – Instagram 2017 ID 02
6. Pryda – Marquee LV 2017 Intro ID
7. Eric Prydz – Liam (Stringapella) w/ Pryda – Elements
8. Thomas Gold & Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – Don’t You Want Me (Dave Spoon Remix)
9. Pryda – Soho Miami 2018 ID
10. Pryda – Instagram Story 2018 ID
11. Pryda – Echostage 2017 ID
12. Pryda – Wakanpi
13. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo