Estiva Releases New Track ‘Rainbow’ & Announces Album



Estiva w/ Ruben de Ronde- Rainbow

Estiva is having quite a 2018 even by his standards. The Dutch native has announced his second artist album, ‘Spectacle’, and has already played at some massive festivals this year.

Following a massive 10 day tour in China with Armin van Buuren, Estiva played the opening set of A State of Trance at Ultra Miami 2018. Seizing this big opportunity, Estiva unleashed several tracks of his upcoming album, including a team-up with fellow Dutchman Ruben de Ronde called ‘Rainbow’.

‘Rainbow’ is able to make any music lover’s day light up with brightness. This track sees the duo return to Ruben’s record label Statement! with another wonderful track which is sure to dominate the upcoming summer festivals. See what Estiva had to say about the collaboration and check out the song below.

“‘Rainbow’ pushes our melodic limits; we both wanted to add something substantial. The track is a perfect example of that sparkling magic you can achieve when working together. Think of it this way: we both gathered our tastiest ingredients, put them in a blender, and got a delicious ‘Rainbow’ smoothie as a result.”

Needless to say, this new track is something special. Estiva’s new album will surely follow suit. Take a listen below.