Spinnin’ Records Makes the Switch to Voice Controlled Playlists


Playing your favorite tunes has never been so easy. In an effort to simplify music search, leading music label Spinnin’ Records has rebranded its top playlists to one word only, making them easier to be found with voice-activated technology devices. This will create anchor points and keywords to give them a unique and fast identification on online streaming platforms.


Nowadays, listening behavior has switched from playing a specific song or album to full playlists. These playlists usually reflect the user’s personal preferences, but also linked to certain activities. These include music for ‘studying’, ‘chilling’, ‘working out’ and so on. While curated playlists have became a rule, search queries are more and more down to a single word.

According to a recent study by Google, 20 percent of Google searches are now made by voice. Google expects this number to grow to 50 percent by 2020. Meindert Kennis, Head of Digital Strategies at Spinnin’ Records, commented in this regard:

“Having a personal AI-assistant and using it in everyday life is closer than we might realise. This means that voice is an important element in the overall mix of technology touchpoints for products and services. As a brand you need to be prepared for a new way of communication between your consumer and its assistant.”

By rebranding the playlists, Spinnin’ Records aims to reach more listeners and taking a new step into the future. For now, they have initially rebranded 4 of their most listened sets, with more to come during 2018.

Have a look and listen to their exclusive selection right here.