Getter Is Almost Ready To Leave The EDM Industry


Tanner Petulla, 24-year-old electronic music producer, DJ, and rapper, more commonly know as Getter, recently announced that he’s leaving the EDM industry.

However, Getter stated he plans to continue writing music, but is stepping away after his next album.

Back in 2012, Getter’s career took off when he signed with Firepower Records and later collaborated with big-name artists such as Skrillex and Borgore. He also released through OWSLA and Rottun Recordings. In 2017, he launched his own record label, clothing shop, and artist collective, known as Shred Collective.

About a year ago, Getter announced to the Twitter world that he would be leaving EDM as soon as his album was ready.

However, Getter fans don’t need to be sad, as he has revealed some bittersweet news. Getter’s forthcoming album, VISCERAL, is finally on the rise, which sadly, means that he’s ready to leave EDM.

Having recently teamed up with Ghostemane on a collaborative Dahlia I EP, Getter has been switching things up monumentally with his recent few singles “Solo” “Big Mouth” and “Colorblind“, two of which Getter has confirmed will be on the album.

But as his sound changes, so does his attitude surrounding EDM.

Although it’s hard to deal with the idea of Getter’s album being the end of his EDM days, with endeavors like Terror Reid and Shred Collective, we know that we still have a lot to look forward to from Getter in the future. Lucky for Toronto fans, we still have Getter’s Ever After set to get excited about.

Adios Getter, let’s hope you made the right decision.