Is This Possibly Coachella’s New Sahara Tent?


Year after year, Coachella brings in thousands of fans all looking for a weekend of good vibes and amazing music. Every year the festival pulls out all the stops, bringing a wide variety of artists and special guests. The festival grows every year with new stage design and stages. Unfortunately, that brings one problem for a stage at the festival, The Sahara Tent.

The Sahara Tent has been home to a wide variety of artists of different genres from EDM and Hip-hop. Lately though attendees have been complaining of how overcrowded and unsafe conditions are in the Sahara Tent. This has caused Coachella to take action. They have revealed that they are planning to expand the stage and relocate it. This should keep the tent much cooler than in years past. However, not much else has been revealed about what exactly that may look like.

However a fellow reddit user looked into another user’s claim of Coachella using the same mega structure that was used in recent Super Bowl events in Houston and San Francisco and found some interesting details.

AG, the company that owns the old mega structures seen at EDC, Ultra and various other festivals may have sneakily hinted at what to expect at Coachella. The same reddit user noticed something on their Facebook page. The latest post from them was a share of an article referencing the expansion and relocation with the caption, “It looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

The reddit user then did a little more research into what exactly they could be referring to. They found that the previous post before that was a video of the structure used for Superbowl 50. The caption said, “Flashback to Superbowl 50 and the biggest megastructure. Get ready for an appearance by it again this year.”

Could Coachella 2018 be that appearance mentioned by AG? With the festival approaching fast next month, it won’t be long before we find out for sure!