[Premiere]: KRANE – Titan feat. Nolan van Lith (JayKode Remix)


KRANE Fallout Remixes Jaykode Remix

KRANE – Titan feat. Nolan van Lith (JayKode Remix)

Just a few months ago Bay-Area producer KRANE released his debut album, Fallout, to critical acclaim. And now he’s decided to drop a sweet remix package for that album. The package features a remix for each of his songs, all done by different producers. And for his track ‘Titan‘, he’s enlisted the help of self-titled, Classical Bass producer Jaykode to give his take on the track.

And while every other track in the package is undoubtedly superb, this remix of ‘Titan’ is definitely a standout. Right from the intro piano chords you know that it’s going to be something special. And that it is. The original track’s melodic, atmospheric vibe just blends so well with Jaykode’s melodic bass style. Check out this sweet remix below and be sure to listen to the rest of KRANE’s remix package.

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