Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Face Off In UFC Ring; Hint At New Collab


Many DJ’s often spend their free time at the gym working on their strength and endurance training. With countless days on the road touring and traveling, artists don’t have much time to focus on themselves and their overall health. But two of the best in the business have built up a reputation for staying in shape.

Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki are very well-known for their impressive physical strength. They showed that despite their extremely busy schedules, even the most preoccupied and famous producers can have a great work-life balance.

In the past, the dynamic duo teamed up to create one of electronic dance music’s most popular tracks, ‘Turbulence‘. Recently, they got back together to face off in a… UFC ring? Wait – what?

It’s not what it looks like. The hard-working pair released a video in which they come together in a fighting stance on an official UFC ring. Although their fans were quick to start placing bets on who would win- or at least that’s what we are speculating- the clip is actually to promote their new upcoming collaboration.

Giving their fans a highly anticipated preview of their fresh track, they certainly did not disappoint. The quick musical clip showcases an undeniable hype melody, leaving their dedicated followers wanting more and more.

The fun-loving video is definitely worth the watch. Check it out below:

Squaring off in the UFC​ ring with Steve Aoki​!

Squaring off in the UFC ring with Steve Aoki!

Posted by Laidback Luke on Sunday, March 11, 2018