Men Get Out Of Control On Pillar For Rezz’s Buku Set



As one of New Orleans’ most thriving music festivals, BUKU Music + Art Project is a culture of its own. With the “beaucoup” or “plenty” of live music, local art, world-renowned food vendors, and riverboat cruises, it is no wonder that there is something to be excited about. This past weekend, things got a little out of control during Rezz’s set. Here’s a tweet below that explains it all. A moment like this has to be captured on video.

There’s always that one guy at a festival just waiting to climb a ladder looking pillar. In this guy’s defense, Rezz was putting on a hypnotizing set as usual. We can see why it would be tempting to climb dangerously high and headbang for a better view. You have to wild out for a set from the female Gesaffelstein.

Normally, similar instances like this would result in climbers being removed by security. Safety of the individual and others around are definitely in harm’s way if they were to fall. We’re unsure how this man was able to pull off the stunt, but it worked out. Rezz responded to the tweet herself in amusement.


Whatever happened after this video was taken, we can only hope the two men were asked to climb down to further enjoy the set on the ground. But this video will be infamous of the weekend for sure. It’s not at every festival that you get more than one person crazy enough to stunt this. What is your thought on this video? As a reminder, don’t try this at home, folks!